A Whirlwind Month

August has been a sort of whirlwind for me. From Brett graduating and applying to jobs, to me leaving PowerBar, moving from Baltimore to Rochester (short stay with the family), house hunting in Dallas, Brett getting a job in Dallas, being asked to speak at the International Swim Coaches Association in Tampa and me working on my new Fueled and Focused career, it’s been a bit crazy. So I wanted to apologize for not being the best at posting here, but to also tell you that the next few months will bring even more changes, and with that will come new and greater things at Fueled and Focused. Also, I have been asked to speak to groups before on nutrition, but this conference was the first conference I presented at. Here are some pics of me presenting and with Garrett Weber Gale (2 time Olympic Gold Medal Swimmer) founder of Athletic Foodie.

IMG_5048 IMG_5049

September will definitely be a month of change. And funny enough this was predicted. I’m going to let you in on a secret that I probably shouldn’t say as you all might think me a bit crazy. A few months ago, someone read tarot cards for me, and that is exactly what she said. September will be a month of great changes (and I didn’t say anything about leaving PowerBar, moving, Brett applying for a job, etc). I am both scientific and spiritual, however I do sometimes think it fun to look at things like tarot (like once every 5 years). To me it’s a bit of a harmless way to see what they will say about you. I definitely believe that God is in charge, and I don’t make decisions based them, but none the less, I thought it would be fun.

So here we are. Brett starts his new job in Dallas on Sept 8th, I’ll be flying down again to go house hunting, I’ve been asked to be a nutrition consultant with Athletic Foodie and I’ll be launching a new Fueled and Focused website that I’m extremely excited about. I’m not ready to share just yet about the new website, but I can tell you it’s been over a year in the making, and I’m very excited to bring it to athletes everywhere. I think it will really help athletes bring their racing and training to a whole new level. Which reminds me, I’m under a deadline with it (self imposed of course) and it’s time to get back to work.

At the ISCA conference a few days ago I had a lot of questions on creatine. So tomorrow I’ll be posting a blog on creatine, benefits, ways of taking it, etc.


2 thoughts on “A Whirlwind Month

  1. Ch-ch-changes…. I have had a “reading” pretty impressive and fun! These changes are exciting adventures Cristina I am so happy for you! I am excited to learn about the new fueled and focused website and I am so excited about Texas. I am waiting to read about creatine as well. I hear a lot about it and want to hear about it from you.


    • Haha that song 🙂 Lots of changes and they are coming quickly. Brett might leave tomorrow or Thursday for Texas. So soon! Let me know if you have any creatine questions. It could be helpful for you, especially being a vegetarian.


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