About Cristina

I am Cristina Caldwell, a USAT Level 2 Triathlon coach, certified sports nutritionist, RRCA running coach, exercise physiologist, student of sports nutrition, wife to a wonderful husband and mom too two fantastic Rhodesian Ridgebacks. I feel very fortunate to be able to be working in a field I am so passionate about. I truly love my jobs both as a PowerBar nutrition tech rep and an endurance coach. I am a very positive person, love to laugh and always up for an adventure. I am currently a coach with the Valor Triathlon Project, based out of Western NY.

I have been coaching for nearly 14 years in swimming, cycling, running and triathlon. I have been competing as a multisport athlete since 2005, but competing in swimming since age 8. Graduating from Miami University with a degree in Exercise Physiology and Nutrition, I knew I was in the correct field, as I loved my classes and using them in real world application. I swam at Miami University at the Division 1 level. I knew I wanted to continue in athletics post graduation, so I began my pursuit of multisport racing.

As a coach, I am a firm believer in using a science based approach to training and racing. As a student of sports nutrition, I am continually learning about the latest approaches in sports nutrition. In January of 2014, I began an elite two year program in sports nutrition given by the International Olympic Committee. The IOC’s program in sports nutrition leads to a master’s degree in both exercise physiology and sports nutrition. In addition to working on my Masters degree, I am currently a certified sports nutritionist. I’ve assisted numerous athletes in developing healthy eating habits, fixing GI issues while racing and creating easy to use fuel plans. Please check out my testimonials page for more info. I believe in a healthy, well rounded, whole food based diet and will be sharing recipes with you that I believe will help you feel your best and perform your best. I am excited to bring you the latest and greatest in how to be the best athlete you can be from the training side of things, to the nutrition side of things.


6 thoughts on “About Cristina

  1. Hi Cristina

    I thought I would update you on my progress with my piriformis problem. I had some electric shockwave therapy on the trigger points of the piriformis and glute . This helped a little but not much.
    Then I went and seen a pain specialist that specialist in a procedure call Rhizolysis .
    This is where they apply heat to the nerve that is near the facet joint. And the nerve shrinks back and no longer get irritated by the facet joint. The nerves that runs close to the L4 ,L5 and S1 if irritated by the facet joint can cause the piriformis and glutes muscles to contract. Then fatigue and lock up on the sciatic nerve. This is sometime referred to as double crush syndrome .
    I had the L4 L5 S1 facet joints done and I’m 3 weeks along now and this procedure has definitely changed my pain . I no longer have the deep butt pain. And have a small burning pain on the skin . Skin seems more sensitive . But it’s only the 3 week mark and that skin sensation is suppose to go.
    I hope it fixes my problem and all things so far suggest that it will.
    But time will tell. And I’ll update you in 6 months and let you know how I go.
    Hope everything is good will your treatment.
    Do you feel like your getting better?


    • I’ve never heard of Rhizolysis, but I’m glad it seems like it’s helping you. Thankfully the physiatrist was able to do yet another (I must be at 10) injection, and this time, it seemed to calm the nerve down. So right now, no more nerve pain. I do still have pain in the glute area, specifically the obturators. The doc thinks that my hamstring is healed, however my hip rotators are too weak, causing the problem. So now I’m doing a lot of core work, and rotator work. I am swimming, walking and stand up paddle boarding with almost ease. I have been trying :30-1min jogs, but it causes a bit of pain. I keep thinking if I can just get these rotators strong, I’ll be back to normal. Hopefully next year we’ll look back at these posts and think “remember when.” Fingers crossed you’ll keep improving!


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